The checklist for a
perfect product page

In the eCommerce battlefield, two opposite sides seem to coexist: essential content and enhanced content. Maybe you have heard about these content types as two families that expect you to choose an allegiance.

However, both are equally important. You must start with the essential content first of all, but do not give up then. The more complete your product pages are, the better your online positioning will be, especially if you are also original and unique with your product content.

Essential equipment for any product page that aspires to perfection

Product title

Precise and distinguishing

Product image

A highlighted product pic

Standard product info

Required to make product comparisons


Options in several currencies

Delivery times & costs

Fixed or by region/country

Product options

Color or size variants


Online and physical store availability

General description

Original and concise

Technical description

Metadata, composition, required information

Feature bullets

Specifications and functions


Or any product/collection reference number


Relevant for users & SEO

Image gallery

Lots of high quality pics from different angles, details, user experience, lookbooks…

Aditional documents

Use, care, assembly or warning instructions

Suggested products

Accessories and related products

Users reviews

Star ratings or brief texts

2 out of 3 users say they abandoned an online shopping session because some of the product information was missing.

An eCommerce product page depends a lot on the type of product that is being sold. Each eCommerce niche needs a different variation on the basic model of essential and enriched product information. Selling a light bulb is not the same thing as selling a pair of sneakers.

Therefore, aside from completing the information that is basic for any eCommerce business, you must pay attention to the specific content that your niche demands. For example, videos have usually been neglected in product pages, but for some niches such as beauty, makeup and skincare products, video tutorials are an essential element of product pages.

Essential content by product niches


Weight, dimensions and assembly instructions


Videos, tutorials and skin color matches


Ingredients and allergens

Building material

Chemical composition, metadata for retailers


Technical specifications, power consumption


Composition, use and contraindications


Size chart, materials, 360-degree videos


Macro and 360-degree images